Project Management

Paymo makes project management easy, even if you’re not a project manager. Take control of your projects and keep your team in sync. Have a look at how Paymo’s project management features can help your organization.

Paymo Project Management

Inline editing, just type and get to work

Easily assign tasks to your team, share files and discuss details by adding comments. Quick inline editing makes working with tasks a breeze in just a couple of clicks. If you need more information you can always switch to an advanced tasks view with filtering capabilities or check the full task view to get the whole context.

Break projects down with tasks

Save time with templates

Chances are you’ll run most of your projects in a similar way. So you’ll love our helpful ‘Template’ feature. When you create a new project, you can save it as a template. When you need to create a similar project, you don’t have to start from scratch.

Save time with templates

Keep projects on track with milestones

Don’t miss key project events, and make sure everyone else knows about them as well. With milestones everyone on the team knows when major project stages are due to be completed. Set up custom alerts to deliver on time. Using the Milestones dashboard widget you'll get a global overview across projects for the whole company.

Set yourself milestones

All your key files in one place

No more searching servers for the latest version or looking through emails to check if you sent something out. Paymo lets you store documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, images or other files related to the project – so everyone can access them, anytime.

Paymo lets you store project documents in one place

Other features that make Paymo great for managing projects

  • Timesheets - record ‘live’ time with Paymo’s timer, or add bulk time later
  • Discussions - every project needs communication and collaboration – Paymo makes it simple and accessible

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