Time Tracking

Projects fall behind when time management is ignored, that's why Paymo offers very accurate time tracking & automatic time tracking tools for easy recording. From now on, no more guesstimates or undercharging clients.

The web timer

Always at reach via the browser in the online app, it’s easy to record time spent on projects or tasks. Simply start typing and the projects and tasks will autocomplete. When you are ready to work just start the stopwatch. All time entries are saved with start and end times for super accurate time reports.

Paymo Web Timer

The desktop app

Sometimes it's more confortable to work with a desktop timer. No need to log into Paymo, just start the app and begin recording. It works in the same way as the web timer but has other cool features. With the desktop timer you can easily track your time directly on the desktop and you can edit your time entries right in the app. Have a quick task to add? No need to log into the web interface, you can do it straight from the app. You can also set up idle time detection to avoid tracking away time by mistake. The app is available for both Windows & OS X.

Paymo Desktop App

Automatic Time Tracking - PaymoPlus

For automatic time tracking, try PaymoPlus. This desktop app monitors what you’re doing on your computer − effortlessly. At the end of the day just allocate the time to your projects. It's ideal for heavy multitaskers or people who forget to clock in.

You don’t have to remember to start and stop a timer each time you switch tasks during your work. You can monitor time you spend online, in apps, documents & email or on specific websites like YouTube or Facebook. You can use our powerful rule filtering system to automatically link time spent to the right projects.

Paymo Automatic Time Tracking

Manage time with Timesheets

View all your timesheet data in a familiar calendar style with day, week, month and agenda views. You can even add and move time easily directly on the timesheet using drag & drop.

Paymo Timesheets

Forgot to start the timer? Working away from your computer & phone? No problem. You can manually add time to your timesheet at any time as an interval or a bulk entry.

Paymo Add Bulk Time

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