Illogika is an independent game studio founded in 2009. With a team of approximately 25 people based in Montréal, they specialize in the development of high-end multimedia products. Their areas of expertise include developing cross-platform video games, serious games, mobile apps, augmented reality projects, interactive books, and teaching students and professionals alike.

“At Illogika, we work on external projects for our partners and on some original productions entirely developed by our studio. We have to juggle between these different projects so it’s all about organizing our team and bringing our resources at the right time.” Maïa Mannequin

What Software & IT Specialists Love Most About Paymo

Creating Accurate Estimates

If you plan the entire project from the get-go, you will be able to estimate time and cost more accurately, and thus avoid unexpected expenses. Once you notice something is off-budget, you can steer it back in the right direction.

Managing Time with Timesheets

If you have to juggle between a lot of different projects, you will love Timesheets. It will help you keep track of the hours spent on different projects and organize everything so that you don’t have projects or tasks colliding.

Tracking Time Spent on Tasks

By inputting time for projects, you can assess how much time is spent on specific tasks and what needs to be finished. This will help you prioritize what's really important and cut back on time spent on tasks that are more irrelevant.

Turning Estimates into Invoices

If you’ve taken the time to create an accurate project estimate, there’s nothing easier than turning it into an invoice. Just a few clicks and you have an invoice that you can edit if necessary and quickly send to the client via email.

Collaborating with the Team on Common Tasks

Paymo makes team collaboration easy. If you and your colleagues are working on the same projects and tasks, you can securely share files in the application or comment directly at task level. You’ll know where everyone is on the project.

Following Key Project Events with Milestones

When you’re working on big projects, it is important you don’t miss key events and know when major project components are to be completed. With Milestones, you can set up custom alerts to make sure everything is delivered on time.

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