At the end of 2014, the 3 architectural firms MASSarchitects, DAR architects and SAQ architects decided to unite their complementary creativity and experiences and to work together as one firm. Today this association is called UAUcollectiv. The three architectural associations have a long experience in different domains, and join forces in order to be able to respond to clients' demands more quickly and in a customised manner, as well as to be able to cope with larger projects and to raise the general quality to an even higher level. The company is located in Hasselt, Belgium, and currently has 19 employees.

“We have a lot of deadlines, a lot of administration. Financial follow up is crucial. We use Paymo for registration of the working hours. Paymo is very important to make the right business/opportunity decisions.” Michel Janssens

What Architects & Constructors Love Most About Paymo

Project Management on the Go

Our mobile apps allow architects and construction workers to access important information about their projects, fill timesheets, use the timer, and get access to client data even when they’re out on the field working.

Working When Offline

You don’t have to worry if you don’t have an Internet connection, the mobile app allows you to work offline and any changes you make while offline will be automatically synchronized when you connect to the Internet.

Easy Collaboration with Co-workers

You can easily communicate with your team through the discussion module in our application. You can ask questions, discuss anything related to a project and coordinate with your team so that everything goes smoothly.

Individual Hourly Rates for Employees

Your employees are probably not compensated at the same rates, so in Paymo you can adjust the hourly rates for each employee/user. That way, every time an employee enters their time worked, it will be budgeted correctly.

Checking User Performance Levels

When you click on a user’s name, you will see which projects they’re assigned, how they’re spending their time, and what their performance levels are. You can also check the activity feed to see what each user is doing.

Secure File Sharing with the Team

With Paymo, you can keep all your project files together by attaching them to any task or project discussion. This way, you will avoid long email chains and see everything pertaining to a certain project in one place.

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