Change Paymo to fit your needs with its flexible personalization features. You can customize the way Paymo looks via skins, add your branding and your language.

Company Settings

Before you start using Paymo, configure your Company Settings to input your company details, logo, and contact info. You can also enter your VAT details and other invoicing data, select your date and time settings.

Configure Company settings with your details

My Account

With Paymo, individual users can apply their own custom settings. For example, they can have different date formats and interface languages – making Paymo ideal for companies who operate in different countries and time zones.

Individual users with own custom settings

Flexible Billing Rates

Companies often charge different hourly rates for each project. Paymo makes it easy to set up different rate scales. You can set up a default hourly rate (applied to every new project), or different hourly rates per project, per employee, or per task.

Flexible billing rates

Visual Changes

There are several things you can customize in Paymo to best suit your taste. Firstly, you can pick one of the two available themes for your account.

There are also several views that allow you to switch between a simple view and an advanced view that offers lots of extra functionality.

Customize Paymo to your needs

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