Why choose Paymo as a Cashboard alternative

Paymo is a robust and modern solution for your team that bundles task management, time tracking and invoicing in the same app

Time Tracking

Thanks to Paymo I can track my time for multiple clients, set up deadlines and track hours to compare with similar work. It’s great organizational tool already, and I only use the basics! Bill Haas, Promos 4 U

A complete and modern solution for your business

Reduce meeting times

Keep your team in sync and focus on delivering real work and finishing projects. Maximize team productivity, accountability and collaboration.

Replicate success with real data

Stay up-to-date with your team’s progress, billable hours, and milestones. Remove guesstimates for new projects and plan for tomorrow.

Affordable and easy to setup

Why pay for several apps when you can get all the work done in a single app? Get your business up and running in the cloud for $8.95/user/month!

Thousands of SMBs and Agencies use Paymo daily

The Paymo App allows our small business to focus on our business — not our paperwork. Tracking our time, creating estimates and invoices is made simple using this App. We use it every day. Danielle Bushore, Nine Sixteen Creative INC

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