Still using Excel for managing projects?
Time to move forward.

Paymo is a modern project management application designed for small & medium businesses

Time Tracking

I've searched for a while to find a simple and cost effective project management app to replace our unproductive spreadsheets use. I'm so glad we've found Paymo, a huge timesaver! Steve Rane, Community Development Group

3 Reasons to get rid of Excel and start using a modern project management solution

Different purpose

Excel has been designed to perform basic and complex mathematical computations. It only works for managing very basic projects for individuals.

Lack of specialized features

Spreadsheets are quite limited for centralizing and sharing information, fostering collaboration, tracking productivity and managing change effectively.

Bad habits

Managers assume that learning how to use a PM app is a tedious process, but it's not. That's why they prefer to stick to what they already know: Excel.

Thousands of SMBs and Agencies use Paymo daily

Thanks to Paymo I can track my time for multiple clients, set up deadlines, and track hours to compare with similar work. It’s great organizational tool already, and I only use the basics! Bill Haas, Promos 4 U

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