Gary McMahon
Gary McMahon

“Paymo saves me considerable time, which in my case, means money”

I’m a very small company with me as the primary employee with a suite of casual workers depending on the season.
I can keep track of my time on each of tasks within each separate project which allows me to refine my estimation for future planning. This also allows me to attach a printed pdf timesheet of tasks and times with my invoices. They look so professional with my logo, I’ve never had anyone question it.
My workers can log on and input their times on the projects they work on, it allows us all to attach comments and refer back to original documents and keeps a repository of draft documents and different versions after amendments.
The programme saves me considerable time, which in my case, means money. I can coordinate my projects, tasks and workers within the one place, keep my documentation up to date and current and even provide my clients with access to timesheets so they don’t have to try to call me to find where we are up to in their project, they just log on when they need to.
The support back up is second to none, as a very small account , I have had immediate response to my queries, which is something I hadn’t expected given my small size. It’s a shame that we now see this type of exemplary customer service as so unique that we make comment on it, but the people at Paymo have it covered.
I would recommend (and have already done so at any opportunity) this service to any small business that needs to keep tabs on their time, projects, staff and profits.