Alex Orttewell
Alex Orttewell

“Paymo is the most user friendly system”

I have looked at quite a few time keeping applications and have found that Paymo is the most user friendly system for me. I have multiple projects on the go, which all need tracking, and Paymo allows me to do this.
Having an app for a smartphone and tablet is a great feature when on the go and the desktop feature has helped highlight down time and inefficiencies. We all sneak a peek at social media during the day and the desktop app tells you how long you actually spend on this, which is more than you think!!
The new layout on Paymo 3 is great and having the ability to change colours of projects helps identify time easily on the timesheets at a glance.
When paymo 3 is fully functional it will be a great system and if the Paymo team are able to present projects and workflow in a similar fashion as a Kanban Board with the added benefit of time keeping then I think it will be a perfect system for businesses great and small.