Robert Daignault
Robert Daignault

“Paymo is a great product!”

I’ve used Paymo since November of 2011 and it has become indispensable as, say, Photoshop or Illustrator in the workflow of my design business.
First, Paymo’s time tracking app lets me monitor time spent on project tasks and then drop the results directly into an invoice. If I nod off and quit working, the app asks “Hey! Did you nod off, or, is all that time you logged for real?” Huge plus!
Second, I used to watch the calendar so that I could manage the ongoing invoices to be sent at regular intervals. With Paymo, I just set up a recurring invoices and forget about it! Payments just arrive because my clients have ‘magically’ received an invoice (and, later, past-due notices). This feature is gold in the bank!
Thirdly, if I have a question about the app or service, support folks get back to me ASAP and have never been less than 100% helpful. You know how good that feels!
Generating reports, estimates and assigning tasks to others on the team, DONE!
Paymo is a great product and the people who have developed it are truly interested in helping me get paid for doing what I do! How cool is that in this day and age?!