Olli Aapro
Olli Aapro

“Paymo gave me just what I needed”

As a freelancer front end developer who sells hours / projects from marketing agencies to software houses, time tracking is crucial to make your projects profitable. It needs to have the possibility to analyze projects and their time consumption by different tasks included in your workflow. Without those features, it would impossible to price your work properly depending on the size and demands of the project.
Doing freelancing without time tracking is kind of like using a framework or API without the documentation: shooting blind and just simply wasting time.
Paymo gave me just what I needed. It enabled me to do time tracking for clients, projects and tasks by manually inserting my hours worked to the web app, or by automatically recording the use of my software with the desktop sync application. The automation enabled me to keep even a closer look on my projects’ time consumption, without any 3rd party applications 🙂 As Gabriel Iglesias would say: “”Priceless!””
When talking about freelancing, I strongly believe in transparency of my work. With Paymo’s reporting, I could easily create and share reports with clients to give them the possibility to see our live timesheets which naturally increases the trust between both sides. Awesome! Some clients are actually even surprised by this service I can provide, in a good way. Thank you for that 🙂

The project and client management combined support the time tracking smoothly.
– The ability to add deadlines as milestones
– Add projects with hour-budget
– Overall project situation (over budget or not)
– To view project specific timesheets, without having to create reports
– Tasklists and tasks (which can be added via the Timesheets as well!)
– Client information
– Project discussion
Last, but most definitely not least, I enjoy the gmail integration when using Paymo with Google apps. I can easy add a project order arrived via email to Paymo as a project. It’s a small feature, but a lot of times the small things make a whole, right?
To sum it up: Paymo has everything that a freelancer / small company would need, from project management and time tracking to expense monitoring and invoicing! I have and will recommend this application to anyone in the need of features like this. Without a doubt.

Oh, and last universal truth: Freelancers, y u no use time tracking! 😀