Juan Prada
Juan Prada

“Paymo 3 is almost perfect!”

I’m new to this time-tracking thing. After years of guessing and struggle with the amount of work I’ve really done in finished projects, I decided to find a way to easily remember and manage all that.

Bare solutions like writing the amount of work done in a note simply doesn’t work. So, I studied all time tracking solutions currently in the market and after being using three of them simultaneously I finally kept Paymo 3.

Paymo 3 is almost perfect: fantastic graphics, calendars, the data model is simple, yet powerful, and is pretty quick to run. It has a timer button to record what you are doing in real time, but you don’t have to be slave of that. Simply click on the calendar when you want and you can create new times or edit existing ones.

So, with a little bit of discipline marking all the things you do (you can go all the detail you want with them, from a simple title to descriptions, tasks, colours..) with the passing of time you’ll have a totally accurate picture of what you’ve done, organized by tasks, projects, clients, even different users are supported. It also does the billing. Everything in an amazing interface.