Alexander Egger
Alexander Egger

“One of the few tools which do exactly what I need”

I am using Paymo since I started freelancing as a software developer in 2013. For me it was essential that keeping track of my projects and invoices does not distract me from my actual business.

Paymo provides me with just that.

* Perfect overview over the state of my projects in the dashboard
* The best timesheet tool I ever used (In fact I love to keep track of my time now, something I always hated)
* Great reports that help me and my customers to see whats going on in the projects. (Always good for a “that was quick” when I send a Paymo report link to a customer asking for status report. They love it!)
* And the best thing: Invoicing with a click of a button. Quick, easy, perfect!

One of the few tools which do exactly what I need.