Tamas Erdodi
Tamas Erdodi

“I can’t imagine my day without it”

I really like Paymo, I’m using it roughly 2 years ago and now I can’t imagine my day without it 🙂

The Paymo Plus app was really helpful when I had a bit lazier period. I worked on personal projects and at the end of day sometimes I’ve felt I’ve spent my time not really like I wanted before… Checking after some day and seeing which program or webpage was the most visited and how much time was spent with something without concentrating on the tracker was perfect!

(Paymo Plus app automatically tracked where I was – you can’t imagine how much time could be sent on social media and just searching for inspiration…)

Nowadays I’m busier with client work and when I’m jumping from project to project Paymo helps a lot to see clearly where my time was spent.

When I’m having a break during the day I like to quickly note the extra time spent on administration or client communication.
Tracking the daily work helps me estimating the next projects and by dividing the tasks I can clearly see the different steps.
I like to divide the tasks to the “”base tasks”” and the “”extra versions like V1-V2-V3″”. This way I can see how correct was my project estimate.
Often the time tracking brings me additional money.
Even with a fixed price project when I’m sending the clients the timesheet he/she usually realize the extra time worth it and we can talk about additional compensation.
Knowing how the days are spent for me as a freelancer designer means I clearly see the business flow.
I can just recommend tracking your day. To everyone I’m talking about freelancing, the conclusion is that time tracking will become quickly the key factor of invoicing and planning.
If you are really busy during the day and you think you doing something wrong or even if you feel a bit lazy yourself sometimes the key is to see your valuable time assignment..
Paymo will help you live your life successfully!