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Laurentiu Bancu

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Laurentiu Bancu

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We’re up with another update that’s all been possible thanks to you: a discounted software marketplace available only to our paid customers.

To explain, a couple of months ago we ran an internal survey to find out what other complementary tools our customers would like to use in parallel with Paymo.

Here are the results:


This, together with the partnerships built at the TheNextWeb Conference, sparked in us the idea to introduce a marketplace with deals on software tools.

So whether it’s about managing potential leads, planning social media posts, analyzing your competition, or drawing design mockups, these are meant to cover the most common operations that you deal with in a creative or martech agency. To access the offers, just click on your name (bottom left corner) > Apps Marketplace.


We strive to offer you a better way to automate your workflow while focusing on what you’re doing best.

And remember to check the marketplace regularly, as we release new offers every month 🙂 

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