Legal Edge was established by Donna Sewell in 2009 because it was a resource she needed as a busy Head of Legal in a fast moving tech company but couldn't find. They deliver In-house legal support on-demand and flexibly without the need to add to headcount. Their team of commercially-savvy, experienced in-house lawyers is 16-strong and has more than 140 clients world-wide. They mainly work remotely and from client offices, with staff based across England and France.

“Paymo works well for the type of remote and flexible working we do. It enables the Legal Edge team to keep track of every task undertaken no matter what the location or hardware being used.” Donna Sewell

What Legal Professionals Love Most About Paymo

The Ability to Work from Anywhere

Paymo makes working on the go easy. Whether you’re at court or in a client meeting, you can easily track time on your Android or iOS device. You can create new projects, task lists, tasks, add new clients, track time, and add time entries to your timesheet.

Online/Offline Synchronization

Any changes you’re making while working offline on your Paymo mobile apps will be automatically synchronized with your online account when you connect to the Internet. This is perfect for lawyers who are always on the go and can't connect to the Internet.

Staying on Top of Your Expenses

It’s tough when you have to explain to a client why you’ve exceeded budget. With Paymo, that won’t happen. You will know exactly how much money and time you’ve spent on what, so you can notice immediately if there’s something off and fix it in due time.

Not Having to Worry About the Timer

Some lawyers hate having to start a timer for every new task. PaymoPlus automatically registers all the activities on your desktop, and if you spend a lot of time on the phone, you can just right click the “away time” entry and link it with a task.

Keeping Files Where They Belong

It’s important to keep all the virtual files pertaining to a case in the same place. That way, if there are several lawyers working on the same case, they can easily find what they’re looking for. It will help you save time and increase productivity.

Fast Online Invoicing

Invoicing in Paymo is really easy. With a couple of clicks you can turn your timesheet data or your estimates into an invoice. Plus, if you use a payment gateway, you can create invoices in Paymo and let your clients pay you directly from the invoice.

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