Paymo Video Tutorials

Paymo Overview Tutorial

In this less than 3 minutes tutorial you’ll see the main features, benefits and how Paymo works.

Creating Your First Project

In this tutorial we cover the basics of setting up a project, its billing method (time & materials, flat rate, non-billable), creating tasks, assigning users, collaborating on tasks and …

Understanding Views

Check how different views work, and learn when to switch between them in order to get the most important and relevant information at the right time.

Managing Tasks

In this video you’ll learn the basics of managing and working with tasks in Paymo. It covers four different views available: the Simple View, Table View, KanBan view and Gantt …

Setting up Project Templates

In this video you can learn how to create and use project templates in Paymo. If your company often works on projects with similar workflow, project templates can save …

Advanced Features in Gantt Charts

Check out this video if you want to understand the advanced features of Gantt Charts and how these can help manage your projects better.