Laurentiu Bancu
Laurentiu Bancu

What’s new in Paymo: redesigned full task view, public API and more

Starting today we’ll be posting regular updates on newly added features & improvements in Paymo. Here’s a list with all the changes that we’ve made in the past weeks:

  • added a “Full task view” – each task now has its own URL + view that contains all the details related to a task.

Paymo full task details

  • added a dashboard milestone widget – it contains global milestones for all your projects.
  • custom dates for milestone reminders
  • new email delivery system – the chances of emails getting caught by spam filters have been significantly reduced
  • Paymo API is now public at
  • dashboard widgets drag & drop functionality – you can drag and reorder them as you wish

Paymo widgets drag&drop

  • ability to bundle invoices & timesheet reports – when creating an invoice with the “Add from timesheet option” you can attach the associated timesheet report to the invoice for the client
  • added a new payment gateway: Stripe
  • export expenses as PDF
  • redesigned “Add from timesheet” panel
  • added a “Mark as” button for Estimates
  • link to clients from the project overview screen
  • redesigned bulk time entry input
  • invoices no longer marked as viewed if the logged in user views the invoice
  • fixed rendering issues for invoices in Adobe Reader
  • added option to select all users when assigning projects
  • ability to create invoices from the Clients > invoicing screen
  • redesigned invoice permalink share screen
  • added checked symbol for tasks in reports (if they are complete)
  • widget now allows you to open the online app
  • over 100 minor bugs fixes and small improvements in various modules

Last but not least, we’re excited to welcome a new developer in our expanding team – Marius Talagiu, he’ll be working on mobile app development.

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Menno Pietersen

Thanks so much for this great update.
Love the ‘add timesheet’ and Stripe integration!



Unpaid Balance: Great feature!!! Thanks.


Jan Lukacs

Jan Lukacs

Thanks for the feedback guys!



Thanks for the upgrades and enhancements. I would love to pay for a year’s subscription instead of monthly if you can set that up.


Dylan Busa

The best product in the world just got better! Makes you feel sorry for the competition.


Mitch Haas

Nice job guys. You already have the best features available for online project management/time tracking. Good to see you haven’t stopped improving on them!


Jan Lukacs

Jan Lukacs

Thanks for the support everyone!


Monica Rojas

Thanks for the updates



Thank you! Big list of updates, the team works hard.



Just saw this update…it was nice to see that Paymo is really stepping up its game. I’ll probably move back end of this year since you now have Stripe.


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