William Villers
William Villers

“Support we receive from Paymo: always courteous, patient and knowledgeable”

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoy using PAYMO. We are a small engineering consulting firm based in California, and we use PAYMO on a daily basis. The bulk of our activities is managing projects, tasks, juggling with resources while at the sametime making sure we deliver and invoice our customers. PAYMO has allowed us to accomplish all this with extreme ease and flexibility.

Before PAYMO, we had used a competing product for about 2.5 years. We had a lot of project-related data, invoices, payment notices and other documents stored in this system that we need to migrate to PAYMO. We initially thought about data migration,but as we started evaluating PAYMO, we instantly noticed greater speed, responsiveness and flexibility over our current system. We decided to simply invest a little bit of time reentering all of our data into PAYMO. As expected, this was done in record time.
And thanks to the dashboard view and the great reporting tools, we were able to find (and correct) some accounting mistakes, PAYMO saved us a few $!

I am also very appreciative of the Technical Support we receive from PAYMO: always courteous, patient and knowledgeable.

PAYMO is one of the first thing I start at the beginning of the day, and the last thing I use before I leave the office. I particularly appreciate the dashboard that gives me both a local and global overview, and allows me to set priorities accordingly.

Last but not least, I have to say that the PAYMO’s UI is very pleasing to the eye, modern, flexible and fast at the same time. Our employees are no longer reluctant to record their time on a quasi realtime basis. No longer do I have to track down everybody on Monday to enter their previous week timesheet!