Ilan Golan
Ilan Golan

“It makes my everyday work easy and fun”

I’m a freelance designer. My everyday work mostly includes many different tasks from different projects or even different clients. It was necessary for me to count time and to check out how much time I spend for each project. I obviously need software to deal with this complexity easy and quick.

I choose Paymo as a main platform for monitoring clients, projects and tasks, flexible timer, reports that I can send to my client in a few clicks or even share the dynamic report so my client can watch the project development on the go. This is a fantastic feature!

It’s simple, comfortable, intuitive in usability, and when I have any question Paymo’s support team answers immediately, which I really appreciate. I can easily know at any time the state of my current tasks, as well I can check the whole history of any client, even if we worked a long time ago.

The developers did excellent job and we have a beautiful tool to make our everyday work easy and fun.