“I highly recommend you to try out Paymo 3”

I’m a Freelancer Artist with Graphic Design Background who is always in need to have the proper tools that will help me maximize my job.

When it comes to find the right tool, sometimes or most of the time it’s hard to find due to the flood of information and companies out there to choose from. When I found Paymo 2 I was eager to find out more about it and try out its platform. I tried it for a while and I was happy with it. It provided me everything I needed at the moment, functionality and simplicity with a cost of ‘Free’, which is amazing when trying new online platforms of any kind.

After little time of using Paymo 2 I found out they release Paymo 3 on Beta version, so I decided to give it a try and must say I was mesmerized! The new interface is extremely user friendly and has a very slick design (as Graphic Designer I’m keen on functionality and aesthetics).

I’m still currently using Paymo 3 and plan to stay with them for a while, so I highly recommend you to try out Paymo 3. You have nothing to lose, get on board and try all the full features!