“I have only one place to look to find exactly what I need”

Approximately two months ago I started using Paymo as my daily time tracker, having previously used another well-known app. However since changing to Paymo, the additional benefits already outweigh the challenges of starting all over again with a new app.

Paymo not only allows you to track your time, but it also lets you add your project costs, which I found to be a huge drawback with my previous app. Now when I come to the end of the month (or project) I have only one place to look to find exactly what I need to bill my clients, this is saves me lots of time and hassle.

Another advantage of Paymo is the desktop view, which at a glance shows just how productive you have been in the current month by way of a pie chart, and next to that is a pie chart showing your productivity for the previous month. When I’m struggling to get going with my current assignment I find this productivity chart really motivational, and it always gives me an incentive to crack on with the task in hand.

My only issue with Paymo, is that I currently don’t have the time to explore all of the features, so I’m sure I’m not actually making as much use of Paymo as I could be.