Team Management

Paymo is for everyone who works on projects and it offers the best tools to keep your organization under control.

Easy team management

User types

Paymo lets you control what different users can see, and what functions they can perform.

Admins – have all the privileges and access to all areas including company settings
Project managers – can see all the information about projects they’ve set up
Users – have access only to data from the projects they’re assigned to

Multiple user types

Task assignments

Paymo allows you to easily filter and view tasks assigned to each member of your team. You have full access to each users tasks & timesheets. There's also an activity feed that keeps you up to date on what each user is doing in a simple and transparent way.

Each of your users will have access to a special module called My Tasks that will give them an overview on what they should be working on each day.

Add task list, add tasks to the list and assign users to these tasks

Check user performance & stats

When you click on the Users tab you’ll see a list of all your users. Click on a user name to see their profile – including the projects they’re assigned, how they’re spending their time and see their performance.

Check user performance & stats

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