Team Management

Paymo is for everyone who works on projects – that includes your own team, and your clients. Team management it’s easy: you can set up new team members – with different privileges – and invite your clients on to Paymo too.

Team management with Paymo

User types
Not all users are equal. Paymo lets you control what different users can see, and what functions they can perform.

Admin – has all the privileges and access to all areas including company settings
Project manager – can see all the information about projects they’ve set up
User – has access to files and discussions for projects they’re assigned to but can only see their own time data

Assign tasks to different users

Assign tasks
Tasks make keeping a record of what’s been done and what still needs to be done simple and transparent. When you select a Project you can add a task list, then add tasks to the list and assign users to these tasks. When users log in to Paymo and select the My Tasks tab they’ll see the tasks assigned to them and when they need to be completed by.

Check user performance & stats
When you click on the Users tab you’ll see a list of all your users. Click on a user name to see their profile – including the projects they’re assigned, how they’re spending their time and see their performance.