Make Paymo ‘Your Paymo’ with its flexible personalization features. You can customize the way Paymo looks on your screen, your language and time zone. You might charge different rates for different clients, or for certain types of work. Paymo does it all.


Company Settings
Before you start using Paymo, configure your Company Settings to input your company details, logo, and contact info. You can also enter your VAT details and other invoicing data, select your date and time settings.

My Account
With Paymo, individual users can apply their own custom settings. For example, they can have different date formats and interface languages – making Paymo ideal for companies who operate in different countries and time zones. Users can also change their Paymo theme to make the app distinctly theirs.

Flexible billing rates
Companies often charge different hourly rates for each project. So we’ve made it easy to set up different rate scales. You can set up a default hourly rate (applied to every new project), or different hourly rates per project, per employee, or per task.

Certain rates will override others:

User Rate − overrides the Task Rate and Project Rate
Task Rate − overrides the Project Rate
Project Rate

Visual changes

There are several things you can customize in Paymo to help you with the usability and to best suit your taste. Firstly, you can pick one of the two available themes (dark or light): click on your name (bottom-left corner) -> My Account, and from the “Interface” section pick the desired theme. Click on the “Save changes” button.

Another change you can make in the interface is to activate/deactivate and reorder the applications in left menu. Click on your name (bottom-left corner) -> Apps. Each application has a checkbox associated with it (if checked, the application is visible). To change the order in which they are displayed just click, hold, drag and drop an application onto its new position. After you’ve done, click on the “Save changes” button located at the bottom of the page.

Team Management