Paymo Downloads & Integrations

Paymo’s mobile and desktop apps allow you to track time at the office or on the go, while integrations streamline your workflow so you can get things done in no time.

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Third Party Integrations

Paymo integrates with third-party applications in order to automate your workflow and facilitate the way you manage projects and your business.

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Google Apps

You can sign-up/sign-in with a Google account for more convenience. Even add files in Paymo from Google Drive either at a task or project level to keep updates in context and save on storage.

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Adobe CC Extension

The Paymo Time Tracker widget is integrated directly into your favorite Adobe app: Photoshop, InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, and Premiere. You can use the stopwatch to track time, view, and manage your time entries.

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Zapier allows you to connect the apps you use, automate tasks and get more out of your data. When you integrate Paymo with Zapier you'll be able to connect Paymo with more than 1000 apps you use, like Google Apps, QuickBooks Online,, Slack, or Xero.

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Slack is an instant messaging platform to stay in touch with your team. From within it, you can turn discussions into actionable tasks, add comments, or track work time in Paymo without leaving your channels.

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QuickBooks Online

Keep your accounting in check and export your invoices to QuickBooks Online together with all your taxes. You can also register payments and sync them back in Paymo.

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Always have your cash flow in sight and export your invoices to Xero together with all your taxes. You can also register payments and sync them back in Paymo.

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JotForm is an online form builder that allows you to create professional looking forms without a single line of code. This makes it easy for colleagues and clients to create projects, tasks, and upload files in Paymo when a form is submitted.

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Shift, a desktop email client for Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365, allows you to streamline your workflow across your favorite apps. When you integrate Paymo with Shift, you’ll be able to check your email and manage tasks in one interface, without having to open up a browser and switch between multiple tabs anymore.

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PomoDone acts as a Pomodoro timer built right on top of Paymo. Through it, you can work in batches of 25 minutes and block any interrupting websites to focus on your to-dos in a fun, yet productive manner.

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The LambdaTest integration allows you to test the responsiveness of your website or app across different web browsers and screen sizes, and push bugs into Paymo at a click of a button. Take screenshots and annotate any changes in LambdaTest, then specify the necessary details (project, task list, etc.) to match in Paymo.

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The GrandTotal integration allows you to track work in Paymo and then invoice that time with GrandTotal, a desktop application for Mac. You'll be able to keep track of outstanding payments, while the detailed graphs and stats will give you insights into the current state of your business.

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