Adaptable Dashboard

It’s always useful to have an overview of your work: one glance at the dashboard and you’ll know exactly how much did you work in a certain period of time, how much money did you make or how much you have to receive, which are your top clients, etc. The best part is that you are able to choose what to put/display on the dashboard.


Stay in the know
Everybody likes to know what’s happening at a certain time with their work, so if you’re the project manager at your company or somebody involved in multiple projects, you’ll probably love the Paymo dashboard: it will give you essential information about the time you’ve spent on your work, about clients, projects and financial information. This real-time data will help you adjust your plans accordingly.

Different people, different companies, different needs
By default, an account starts with all 11 dashboard plugins visible. But probably not everybody will need them all active from the beginning. That’s why we gave you the possibility to choose which ones you want to enable. Besides of the fact that you can change which plugins you want to activate, you’re also able to change the order in which they are displayed.